Together with an experienced team on security equipment and information systems Cyprus security camera system setup is done. Tech Life security will also ensure that you have the necessary security systems in dormitories, hospitals, hotels and private business areas, and full security of your living space with high resolution cameras, thanks to its expert staff.

High Resolution Camera Systems

High-resolution camera systems to be established over target areas and blind spots also have the features of face recognition and recognition provided by high technology. In indoor and outdoor use, entrance and exit doors and corridors will provide a clear view by placing them in the areas where private belongings are located in a holistic manner.. Cyprus security cameraBy working recorded, it enables the images to be instantly transferred to mobile devices and computer systems at the same time, thus allowing instant notification in case of an emergency. It is designed to scan the whole area over the reconnaissance camera and record at any time with the moving camera systems, and it does not create a bad appearance in the interior architecture areas with a stylish appearance.

Fast And Instant Imaging Systems

Internet Camera security systems, on which recording systems are created, prevent the deletion of the records in direct connection with the information field. Thanks to this system, it will ensure that the images remain for a long time in case of any theft or security problem, and will also allow you to instantly view them on your mobile device.

With a professional setup Cyprus security camera systems, by making a clear view in the interior and exterior areas, will ensure that the whole area is monitored up to the blind spots in a moving manner. With its recording and fast access points, it will be ideal for monitoring from phones, tablets or central computer systems in public areas such as home, workplace, dormitory and hotel. Thanks to its instant imaging systems, it provides protection from dangers, the possibility to take precautions against theft and unsafe situations. With the live broadcast feature, knowing what happened instantly and being able to intervene at the same time will provide advantages for protection and security. These systems allow you to stay safe all day long by monitoring 24/7.

Cyprus Security Camera Advantages

These are the systems developed against the theft and fraud situations that have been experienced recently in Cyprus. It can be remotely controlled by recording high resolution and instant video.

  • It makes a clear view with high resolution by monitoring recorded 24/7.
  • It is controlled remotely and can be monitored instantly from phone, tablet, computer.
  • They are also durable systems designed according to outdoor and indoor features.
  • It is tested and positioned by experts.
  • It is easy to maintain and use.
  • It has the ability to provide access to the desired dates and times.
  • It will provide a wide area view from blind spots, allowing a whole place to be watched.
  • It can be displayed as at least 10 screens over multi-screen systems.
  • Information systems are designed with high protection and it is very difficult to access outside the user.

Expert Security Systems TechLife

Working together with information systems developed for security measures techlif tocontinues to provide experienced and expert services in this field for many years. It will provide security by bringing remote controllable, weather-compatible camera systems to your living space. These systems, which offer facial recognition with clear viewing at entrances and exits, will be set up to distinguish between who your visitors are. It works in integration with 24/7 imaging and high-resolution camera systems, burglar alarm systems, and has the technology that can be used as systems directly connected with information systems to ensure that all security needs are met.