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Voice and announcement systems are very important in providing safety and security. It enables the correct messages to be delivered to individuals in the fastest way possible. Effective use of public address and emergency announcement systems, which are critical in every sense, depends on the performance and safety of the preferred product. TechLife provides service with the best public address and announcement systems for all small, medium and large-scale venues.

Ses Anons Sistemleri

Solutions for All Purposes

TechLife offers all-purpose voice and announcement systems with a wide range of products. Student dormitoriesestablishes solutions that serve different purposes for companies, public buildings, schools, office buildings, universities and shopping malls. These systems can be used to direct customers, play background music, and voice announcements for advertising purposes in order to ensure safety in emergencies.

Bosch Audio and Voice Alarm Systems

techlif to The industry's unrivaled leader in public address and emergency announcement systems uses Bosch products. Bosch has a portfolio of high speech quality, with strong control capability, providing surprisingly flexible, delivering your messages in any situation.

Bosch Ses ve Naons Sistemleri

Be heard from everywhere

TechLife Audio and Announcement Systems Solution Process

Free Discovery

TechLife first examines the environment where a voice and announcement system will be set up in order to determine the most accurate product. In the first examination, the purpose of use of the system, the capacity of the space, and sound transmission levels are analyzed.

Optimal Solution

TechLife officials choose the most suitable product from Bosch's wide product portfolio in line with the analysis results. Subsequently, the hardware quantities to be included in the package are determined.


The offer is prepared according to the selected product package and equipment scope. All details of the solution to be applied are presented to the institution along with their intended use.




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