Intelligent Sensing, Superior Protection

Bosch TechLife, the solution partner of fire detection systems in Northern Cyprus, offers smart solutions that will protect you and those around you with more than 15 years of experience. The most important element in fire alarm systems are sensitive and early detectors. Bosch uses carefully designed state of the art detectors.

Duman Dedektörü

Fire Detection Systems

Fire alarm systems are holistic structures formed by the combination of different elements. In projects, these systems are prepared within the scope of weak current infrastructure. Sufficient number of automatic detectors are placed in independent sections to be controlled. These detectors are connected to fire alarm panels. Dashboard dashboards can be deployed in multiple locations. Warning devices with acoustic signaling features are activated in line with the warnings from panel detectors. Integrations such as voice alarm systems, calling a mobile phone, informing the fire brigade can be defined in the system. At the same time, fire alarm systems can be remotely monitored with mobile devices and maintenance repairs can be made. There are panel systems in the TechLife product portfolio that can be used in small, medium and large projects.

Bringing Cyprus together with the Best Systems

techlif to It provides services with its expert staff in the integration, planning, use, installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems. All products we offer with modular solutions can be easily combined and form a perfect system. All the products we use are produced under different test conditions.

Yangın Alarm Sistemleri

Why TechLife

  • Proven Quality

  • High Level of Detection Performance

  • Intuitive Programming

  • Optimized Detector Designs

  • IP Connection

  • Modular Structure





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