Frequently Asked Questions2020-07-20T14:14:58+00:00
Where Does TechLife Provide Service?2020-07-05T19: 44: 17 + 00: 00

TechLife provides services to all regions of Northern Cyprus.

What is the TechLife working model?2020-07-05T19: 43: 50 + 00: 00

Our expert team examines the project on site after our company has pre-interviewed with the customers. Subsequently, the optimum solution is offered to the customer. Detailed offer is given after mutual exchange of views.

Where is TechLife's office?2020-07-05T19: 43: 19 + 00: 00

Our office is in the Corner Park apartment, located behind Yeni Lemar, Famagusta.

Are TechLife solutions guaranteed?2020-07-05T19: 46: 24 + 00: 00

Our company gives a 2-year warranty to all equipment and services used.

What issues does TechLife offer solutions?2020-07-05T19: 48: 51 + 00: 00

Techlife offers solutions for security camera systems, burglar alarm systems, audio-announcement systems, smart home systems and contactless temperature measurement systems.

Which brand products are used in TechLife solutions?2020-07-05T19: 50: 56 + 00: 00

Techlife uses first class products such as Avtech, bosch, paradox, risco, univiem.

Which sectors does TechLife serve?2020-07-05T19: 53: 35 + 00: 00

Our company's service scope is quite wide. It provides services to many areas such as banks, holiday sites, DIY stores, student dormitories, automotive companies and private residences.

About Techlife

TechLife started its operations in North Cyprus in 2005. Providing security systems, smart home and voice solutions, Tech-Life has been serving as the most experienced company in the region for many years. The company, which aims to provide solutions to its customers for years with its expert staff and strong supply chain, has successfully completed many large projects. It has become the solution partner of the biggest companies in Northern Cyprus by adopting the principle of customer satisfaction oriented service. More


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