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Security camera systems, in other words CCTV are used in order to prevent security violations that may occur in residences or workplaces. Security camera systems to be used vary according to the characteristics of the environment. techlif to It has successfully installed the security camera system of many large projects in Northern Cyprus.

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Open Your Cameras

Security camera systems are the most common solutions used to prevent unauthorized violations. CCTVs differ in terms of their intended use. When choosing security camera systems, special planning should be made for the environment to be used. The selection of camera, recording system and monitoring system is the most important point while creating the system. When choosing a camera, the camera case is selected according to indoor and outdoor environments. Another important point is the resolution level of the cameras. IP cameras with higher resolution should be preferred, especially in outdoor environments. Consideration should be given to the selection of recording and storage units, as well as expansion units, in order to keep the records long enough. The appropriate screen selection should be made according to the optimum number of views.

Guaranteed Solutions

TechLife uses Avtech products in its security camera system solutions. Avtech and Uniview is one of the best brands in its field with its product portfolio using high quality, durable and latest technology. Avtech distinguishes itself from its competitors with its backup solutions that include multiple options, user-friendly camera configuration, privilege of accessing recording images, smart recording systems, independent storage solutions and many functional integration options.

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TechLife Makes the Difference

TechLife security camera systems perform many extraordinary functions for their intended use. While increasing productivity with smart solutions, it creates safe environments with correct follow-up.

  • Flow Count

  • POS System

  • Abnormal Event Detection

  • Production Line Monitoring

  • HD Quality

  • Smart Recording

  • ECO IP Cameras

  • Failover System

  • Gate Keeper

  • Store Tracker





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