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Cyprus Burglar Alarm Systems

Along with the developing technology, alarm systems are also integrated with information systems, informing danger situations in a short time. Thanks to these systems, in case of forced entry into the interior, the alarm will go into action and warn the environment and the owner of the area directly. As well as providing 24/7 security with Cyprus burglar alarm systems, % 100 will provide security by being positioned by experts. Cyprus Burglar Alarm with Sensor

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Cyprus Security Camera

Cyprus security camera system installation is carried out with an experienced team on security equipment and information systems. Tech Life security will also ensure that you have the necessary security systems in dormitories, hospitals, hotels and private business areas, and full security of your living space with high resolution cameras, thanks to its expert staff. High Definition Camera Systems Through target zones and blind spots

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Cyprus Security Camera Systems

TechLife security firm, which was established in 2005 and started its activities in Cyprus, is the most experienced and safest company in the island with security systems, smart home systems and voice-over services. The company, which has a very strong supply chain, has implemented hundreds of projects in the region for years with the solution suggestions offered by its professional staff. For years with one hundred percent customer satisfaction as a service policy

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Cyprus Security Solutions

Cyprus security solutions will be at your side at any time by providing 24/7 service through your solution partner Tech Life. It ensures that you always work with a professional service and an experienced team through alarm systems, emergency systems and central security systems, and offers all solutions in the field of camera security, fire systems and security. Professional Solutions For Your Safety Home, workplace, school,

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Cyprus Public Address Systems

Advanced technology announcement systems are used as wireless systems over music, sound and broadcast. Cyprus announcement systems are a revolution in communication technology and provide hardware services that will create a conscious and competent usage area. With dynamic and innovative sound and announcement systems, you can ensure that your institution, your broadcast and your work area also benefit from this advanced technology. Wireless Cyprus Announcement Systems

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Cyprus Alarm Systems

Tech Life, the company that comes to mind with its quality and zero error services when it comes to security and alarm systems in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus for more than 15 years, has been the solution partner of Cypriots for years. Thanks to its expert and trained staff in Cyprus alarm systems, the company that provides the security of private properties, homes and workplaces with years of experience,

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Cyprus Smart Home Systems

The only address for comfort and security can be your home address. For this, Cyprus smart home systems will include advanced systems that you can manage lighting, heating, blinds and security systems from your phone only. You will be able to control your home, integrate with central automation systems that will allow you to manage it remotely, and you will be able to stop and start the whole system with a single button. Cyprus Smart Home Systems Central Management Movement

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About Techlife

TechLife started its operations in North Cyprus in 2005. Providing security systems, smart home and voice solutions, Tech-Life has been serving as the most experienced company in the region for many years. The company, which aims to provide solutions to its customers for years with its expert staff and strong supply chain, has successfully completed many large projects. It has become the solution partner of the biggest companies in Northern Cyprus by adopting the principle of customer satisfaction oriented service. More


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