2.4 Ghz Wireless Color Surveilance System

Watch your frontdoor on the TV in your living-room or bedroom without running any wires!
Signals travels through walls and floors.
Ideal for watching baby's room.
With built microphone.
For indoor and outdoor use.
Receiver (included) can be connected to any Video and Audio input (RCA or SCART).
PC requirement, Windows 95 or greater, video card with AV in.

Here's How the XCam2 Works!

The secret behind the amazing XCam2 is its highly integrated design. The tiny camera unit contains everything you need to produce a color video broadcast in one palm-sized package that easily installs anywhere you want!
Just plug the XCam2 in and it begins transmitting live video! No switches or confusing controls to worry about -- simply adjust the swivel-neck lens to the proper angle for your needs. We've even pre-focused the lens for you!
The Powerful 2.4GHz transmitter broadcasts a wireless video signal to the Video Receiver unit which easily attaches to any video device using the included RCA jacks. Enjoy crisp clear video  -- up to 100 feet away, with the simple to use and easy to install XCam2!


That's it! You're enjoying live color video up to 100 feet away from where the camera is! (see video receiver on top of TV in photo on right)