Secure your house the easy way

The number of burglaries is rising. And still over 90% of all households do not have an alarm system in their house. ‘Too expensive’ and ‘difficult to install’ are excuses often heard.

The T-Life alarm system puts an end to these prejudices. Because the system is wireless, it is easy to install, and the price is also no longer an obstacle.

Phone call in case of trouble
All T-Life alarms comply with all modern demands. The system can dial one or several pre-programmed phone numbers, to alert your neighbours or contact you on your own mobile phone. It also gives you the opportunity to listen to what is going on in your house.

T-Life alarm systems also have a preventative effect. With the Home Automation functions the lights can be switched on and off using a remote control. You can also turn the heating on remotely (by phone).

Fire: Don't wait until it is too late, the system will inform you.